I have been been restoring and servicing retro computers and consoles since 2016, originally started by my own interest in vintage Atari computers. I have been providing installation/repair/restoration services for the kind folks of the Exxos Atari & Amiga forum for some time and decided to create this site to expand my services. I pride myself on communication with clients, providing feedback throughout the process and documenting the work.

For Atari servicing I primarily use Exxos parts and upgrade kits. Exxos is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Atari hardware gurus and the products he creates are top quality. Links to the Exxos forum are listed under 'more'.

Why Solid State Society? Well I'm a Gits fans and it fits the theme of solid state electronics :)


Please contact via the contact form or e-mail direct stormy@solidstatesociety.com