ST / M / F / E / MSTE / Falcon / TT

* List not exhaustive, please contact for any other job quotes

* As a rule I use Exxos parts/kits as he has dedicated years to developing and supporting the Atari community, by choosing me for your servicing is also supporting his great work. I can also install other hardware on request.

Popular services:

Original PSU re-cap

Cost of parts (£10-25 depending on PSU model) & labor: £30

Link to Exxos PSU re-cap blog

Reading Exxos PSU blog will give you insight into the benefits of re-capping your PSU.

New PSU installation

Labor: £20

Product link

I recommend the Exxos PSUs as the highest quality power supplies for the Atari range

Motherboard re-cap

ST series: Cost of parts & labor: £50

TT / MSTE: Cost of parts & labor: £90

Falcon: Cost of parts & labor: £90

Only the highest quality brands of capacitors used, Atari made use of many axial caps which I will replace with radial due to availability. Axial will be used where available.

Motherboard stability DMA fixes

Parts and labor: £30

Link to Exxos mandatory fixes forum

The ST system bus is very weak, by reducing the value of the bus resistors helps general stability and drive issues.

Falcon clock buffer

Cost of parts £16, installation £20

Product link

Many Falcon machines will exhibit popping/clicking on audio playback & hard drive corruption/transfer issues unless a clock buffer is fitted

Falcon NVRAM removal & replacement

Cost of parts £32, installation £20

Product link

A depleted NVRAM on the Falcon will mean it won't retain display settings or time on power off. Removing the old NVRAM without experience or proper equipment can easily damage the machine and make it unbootable!

Floppy drive cleaning

Labor £20

Full strip down of drive, remove dirt/grime, replace machine grease, clean heads

Re-solder/replace ports

Cost of labor: £15

Port cost: on request

Booster installation

Quotes on request, depends on type.