Privacy & Terms/Conditions

Installation/upgrade Service Terms:

All incoming systems and/or devices must be in complete operational order when submitted. All incoming products will undergo thorough testing prior to work being performed. All systems are subject to a 2-4 week turn-around time. In most cases, this turn-around time is less than 5 days. All other products sold are typically shipped within 48 hours. However, depending on volume, orders may take several days to ship. Systems must be sent to me in fully operational order and in a sanitary state. Please check your system before shipping. Sales and services are limited to the United Kingdom. International orders are not being processed at this time and shipping is limited to the United Kingdom. 

Repairs and Diagnostics:

As with the nature of repairing and servicing vintage products, I cannot 100% guarantee that I can fix every problem in existence. Sometimes custom chips can fail and replacing them can be difficult at times etc. I will always communicate repairs and diagnostics in the following way:

  • Expected minimum diagnostic cost of labor & any expected parts cost

If any other costs need to be incurred during the process, these will only be added on with full permission from the customer, all communication will be fully direct and transparent, no hidden costs.


For all installation services, the customer will be responsible for shipping their property to my workshop. The preferred shipping carrier is UPS. You may use whichever carrier you prefer, however I recommend reputable carriers. I am not responsible for packages that are lost and/or displaced once the package has entered the mailing system. Please do NOT drop-ship your system from e-Bay or any 3rd party seller to me. I can not guarantee its physical/operational condition since these things are out of my control. When sending in a game system, ONLY include the system itself. Games, accessories, hook-ups, etc. should not be sent in with your system. I only take responsibility for the console, itself. Please do not contact me and ask me if I've received your package if your tracking information indicates "delivery''. The tracking system is the best way for you to track your packages.

All communications will primarily will be through direct email.

Payment for installation services is expected within 48 hours of notification that the work is completed. Customer's must be ready to pay promptly. If payment isn't received within 16 business days, the product will be recycled to recoup operating costs. I accept Paypal only.

Warranty Terms:

Installation Services are provided as is without any guarantees or warranty. In association with the product, we do not offer warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, operational failure and/or damage as a result of end-user installation. Use of the product by a user is at the user’s risk. These terms & conditions are subject to change at any time and may be applied retroactively. 

Privacy Policy

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